Forest Floor~Aura/Energy Clearing Mist


Forest Floor~New Aura/Energy clearing mist! I have made many potions from the bark, leaves and needles of trees, but what about the Beauty below?
This blend is inspired by the plant friends that grow on the forest floor and that stretch towards the holy shore... which is essentially where we live! Sweetgrass gently clears the aura with kindness and compassion, juniper berries offer purification and protection, Labrador tea helps support the release of past trauma, and soothes present anxieties. It offers comfort and support. And lastly, poplar bud... this does not grow on the forest floor... but it does grow on the holy lakeshore 😉 ... also... the sweet smell of poplar buds permeates the air in Spring, and we often find these sticky resinous buds stuck to the bottoms of our feet after a frolic in the forest🌲☺️🧚🏻‍♂️Poplar bud carries the energy and freedom of the wind... as this is how it’s Seed is spread. Wind is the breath of Spirit and poplar bud essence can help us receive messages from the Spirit world. The smell of poplar buds is pure magic! It is extremely nourishing and restoring on a soul level. ✨
These particular essences are more rare and much more costly than tree oils as they have a lower yield... when extracting for essential oil. This is truly a special blend!