Garden Glory~ A healing hand and heel balm made especially for gardeners!


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-Garden Glory~a brand new healing hand and heel salve full of healing herbs that help mend and repair all kinds of skin conditions, soothes bug bites, cuts, and minor burns, relieves minor aches and pains, and also happens to include herbs that repel mosquitoes and ticks as well! (Not as well as our bug repellents, but every little bit of layering helps!)
Also, side note: it turns out that Garden Glory smells a lot like the Magic Potion Toning mist as it includes a lot of the same magic!!! And I know how many of you are in love with that mist!!!
Made with gorgeous healing garden herbs such as lavender, rosemary, chamomile, calendula, carrot seed, violet leaf, peppermint and geranium... and even some very healing ‘weeds’ such as plantain and chickweed. And then I threw in some rainforest magic by adding copaiba resin and andiroba oil for their deeply therapeutic benefits as they both work wonders for joint pain and arthritis and both happen to repel bugs! Also copaiba has a zillion amazing benefits in the aromatherapy world as it is extremely harmonizing to the mind body and spirit and is also such an incredible anti inflammatory! It is what I smell the most when using this salve.. and the smell is calming, spicy, resinous... hard to explain but so unique and beautiful! I hope you enjoy this new balm as much as me!
This balm is twice the size of the herbal healer and bough and balsam hand creams. 🙂