Emerald Radiance~ Purifying Beauty Balm (face cream)~ with natural sun protection, natural retinol, and chlorophyll


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My potions follow the flow of the seasons and what is called for as we move through each of them. Many of you may want the exact face cream that you had in Winter, but our skin can change dramatically with the seasons, and my inspiration flows with what is presently called for. And so... here it is... a New face cream for Spring.. 


Green Goddess~Purifying Daily Face Moisturizer with natural Sun Protection and Botanical Retinol (Bakuchiol)... a potion made for the season! Limited edition! 


Radiant Beauty From the Wild Forest to the boundless Sea!


This chlorophyll rich, algae infused beauty balm with natural retinol, Renews, clarifies, detoxifies, firms, brightens, and brings balance and beauty to both skin and spirit.


Treats all kinds of inflammations, redness, acne, eczema, signs of premature aging and reverses sun /skin damage, and even seasonal allergies!


This super-charged, super~greens potion has been stalking me for months! It has been keeping me up at night as the ideas and inspiration often flow from there!




I began by infusing super greens of spirulina, chlorella, horsetail, Gotu kola, moringa, wheatgrass, and alfalfa in virgin jojoba oil, a couple of moons ago.. back when we still had our woodstove going. I kept the mason jar close so the heat to help the herbs deeper penetrate the oil. 


These super greens have have purifying, collagen boosting, firming, and skin protecting effects! They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential to the health of the skin. I take these internally as well, and they have been key for glowing radiant skin!




I combined this Emerald Green infused oil with oils of:


Green Coffee bean: a powerful antioxidant rich powerhouse that reverses free radical damage caused by environmental pollutants, firms, tones, depuffs, and brings energy and vitality back to the skin.


 Pracaxi: a rainforest magic oil for brightening and boosting elasticity... an effective treatment for melesma, scars, acne scars and dark spots. (I’ve been blessed and obsessed with this oil as I used to be a lifeguard who never wore sunscreen😅)


Our in-house Poplar bud oil:for calming inflammation, fighting acne, and repairing skin. (Please avoid poplar bud oil if you have sensitivities or allergies to aspirin)


Raspberry seed oil~for natural sun protection and promoting cell renewal.


 Cranberry Seed and Blackberry Oil~two antioxidant rich, acne fighting powerhouses!


 Frankincense Resin~ for firming and toning skin it’s sacred resonance with the spirit. Talk about a skin ceremony!


Copaiba resin~ fights acne and Minamizes pores

Yarrow and Blue Chamomile Oils~ reduce Redness and inflammation, tone and tighten skin, and also help ease symptoms of seasonal allergies (along with the lavender and frankincense oils)

Cypress, Juniper, Pink Grapefruit, Cedarwood, and Geranium oils promote gentle detoxification of the skin...they promote the drainage of toxins beneath the skin and are also helpful in reducing the appearance of thread veins thanks to their astringent properties. Yarrow helps with this as well! These beautiful botanicals help bring clarity to acne prone skin, but also bring back a healthy bounce to aging or sagging skin.. .. green coffee bean oil also helps with this!


Bakuchiol~ a botanical retinol alternative brings brighter, more even skin tone, a reduction in fine lines, sun damage, shrinking pores, and is also very helpful in reducing acne and acne scarring.

Bakuchiol extract is derived from the Babchi Seed plant, and it’s been studied and PROVEN to give the same results as RETINOL but without the harmful side effects as retinol, as chemical retinol thins skin, can irritate and dry out skin, cause damage to internal organs, and damages skin over time. Retinol is also not safe during pregnancy. And can only be used on and off. Whereas Bakuchiol has no harmful side effects, can be used during pregnancy, is safe for sensitive skin, and provides the same results! What results are we talking about? Well pretty much everything! It stimulates cell turnover which prompts your skin to heal itself more quickly. This means brighter, more even skin tone, a reduction in fine lines, sun damage, shrinking pores, and is also very helpful in reducing acne and acne scarring. Basically, I think we all want our skin to look as healthy and naturally radiant as possible and this magical plant helps with all of it!

It took me months of research to find the exact Bakuchiol extract that I was looking for. It’s rare and hard to find and extremely pricey. But finally I found it! So excited!

And finally non-nano Zinc Oxide is the very best thing you can use for sun protection. Also zinc is amazing for skin..it is antibacterial and it soothes and calms skin inflammations. I find that our creams with zinc also act as primers as the zinc makes skin appear more even toned and minimizes the appearance of pores. If you have very dark skin, you may experience a slight light white cast on skin from the zinc... but it if you prep skin with one of our facial oil or serums, this helps take care of this. 

Also this cream is a pale green colour which is excellent for neutralizing redness. Just make sure to massage it completely into skin! 


I find this cream leaves skin feeling beautifully toned with a matte finish. And would be excellent for those with combination- oily skin types. It would also be great for dry or aging skin types.. but you would be best off using a serum to prime and prep the skin first. Check out our new Emerald face serum with refreshing cucumber and apple seed oils!!! Made for this! (Coming soon)