Halo~Protein Mist for Hair~for Strength and Protection


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   Halo Healthy Hair Protein Mist/aromatherapy mist/hair perfume! Can you tell I’ve been really inspired by angels lately? More to come on this...
This mist is made plants, minerals, roots and plant proteins like quinoa, baobab, and bamboo, to help strengthen and thicken hair! It also contains colloidal copper and colloidal silver which promote scalp health and help delay the grey lol... as apparently grey hair is often caused by mineral deficiencies!
Why the name halo? Because essentially your hair is like your halo... and I included essential oils that carry angelic frequencies that elevate the spirit, calm the nervous system, cleanse the aura, and offer good vibes and protection. I can see you spraying this in the mornings in a beautiful Ritual way... a special way to start the day! You can spray on damp or dry hair and go! Or you can use it as a heat protect spray and style as usual!
It smells so good... and so calming with oils of Sandalwood, lavender, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit, Ylang, and vanilla. Can’t wait for you all to fall IN LOVE with this mist!!!