Healthy Glow-Daily Facial Oil


✨NEW✨ Healthy Glow- Facial Oil/Daily Moisturizer for ALL skin types! So many people LOVE the Healthy Glow Cleansing Oil, that I decided to make it a buddy to follow up with! Also... I wanted to make something that was more basic and simple and at a lower price point ( but still effective and amazing obviously) as my serums all contains super fancy yet expensive and rare essential oils. This one is still packed with super duper goodness! Just simpler!
Oils of Argan, Jojoba, Pomegranate, Raspberry Seed, Rice Bran and Sea Buckthorn are infused with calendula, marshmallow root, roses, horsetail and hibiscus to create a super nourishing and healing Facial Oil that also plumps and hydrates skin while restoring a healthy glow! Use alone, or use together with one of my night creams or beauty balms for extra moisture...