Herbal Healer~Hand and Heel Cream


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Say goodbye to dry hands and cracked knuckles this Winter. The tiniest amount of this Herbal Healing Balm, will transform your skin! The soft blend of frankincense and citrus oils is subtle enough for those who work in scent free environments (nurses!) but it is enough to keep you feeling grounded and uplifted throughout the day. So much work and healing is conducted through the hands without us even knowing it! The power of touch, the power of creating with the hands, working, molding, sculpting, holding, ...essentially enriching life in every hour! The essences of frankincense and grapefruit will also help to clear and cleanse the etheric field around the hands (as well as being natural antiseptics on a physical level)... frankincense is an ancient and sacred essence that calls upon the divine to aid in healing and transformation. So this blend is amazing for all you healers out there as well; reiki masters, massage therapists, energy workers, artists, musicians,... isn’t it beautiful to think about how we are all wielding light through our hands? Just imagine the gold light beams pouring through the hands of anyone whose work is pouring from their heart...πŸ’—πŸ’ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ»