Herkimer Diamond~Huggie Earrings!



Herkimer Diamond Huggies! Gorgeous large hermiker diamonds on featherlight 18k gold filled huggie hoops! Perfect for all your summer adventures! I sleep in mine! Safe for sensitive ears as well!

Herkimer Diamonds call forth and resonate with the Soul star chakra... a chakra that sits above the crown of our heads and connects us to our higher selves, divine consciousness, and universal love. This also happens to be the chakra that Sweet Spirit sits in/emerged from as well... 💎
When we engage with our Soul Star chakra, we activate our own inner Diamond light core and we live from a place of crystalline radiance. We when light up our Diamond core, all chakras are nourished and activated. Imagine a pillar of light streaming from above your head from the high heavens to below your feet reaching towards the earths inner sun. We literally LIGHT up. We glow. Everything we touch turns to ‘gold’. Everywhere we go we shine and people are naturally touched by our inherent radiance and divine love. Because this is what we are. This is what we ALL are.
Many have fragmented and compartmentalized this divine love within... perhaps after traumatic lifetimes and lifelines have slowly begun to cut themselves off from the flowing River of divine light/love from below and above ... but if and when we truly re-activate our connection to source we will find that this divine love permeates everything we touch, create, and all those we encounter will feel this essence of love. We will ourselves up with these sacred lifegiving crystalline rivers of life/light until they have no choice but to spill out and pour forth into the world.