Honey Blossom~Euphoric Neroli Perfume


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Spring is here! And along with Spring come some exciting new perfume blends🌸✨💫.... this new perfume is called Honey Blossom.. it features a very exquisite Tunisian Neroli blended with rare honey absolute from Provence, France. Neroli is produced from the delicate blossoms of the orange tree, so I thought it was fitting to add some sweet orange to the blend. Vanilla and neroli are a match made in heaven, so I put just a few drops to enhance the sweetness and to help the blend linger on the skin longer...😊 ! Lastly, I added a subtle note of earthy Vetiver... as an ode to the earth that is responsible for birthing things as beautiful as blossoms... and Vetiver will make sure we keep ourselves grounded as this blend resonates with the 8th chakra.. the soul Star chakra... which connects us to the divine mind and universal love and consciousness! 😘 This is the other element/intelligence/life force responsible for all the beauty we see around us! The earth makes spirit manifest! And we ourselves, are part of this divine dance! Our bodies are beautiful and sacred, so we must honour them with the purest and finest botanical essences.