Honey Rose-Love Nectar (passion potion!)

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 I’m finally releasing this gorgeous passion potion called ‘Honey Rose-Love Nectar’... this is a cross between a hydrating and ritual Perfume Oil. It contains very precious oils (sourced from an organic distillery in Hawaii!) and rare absolutes that promote fertility, balance hormones, boost circulation, and stimulate the libido. 💃🏻
The aroma is hypnotic, sweet, spicy, rich, and earthy... the best aphrodisiac... with notes of rose de mai, patchouli, amber, labdanum rockrose, sandalwood, ylang,black pepper, bergamot and lavender. Oils of clary sage, vitex berry, and damiana are the fertility promoters and hormone balancers.. and damiana is known to deeply touch the feminine heart and help deal and heal frigidity... but also ROSE .. Rose is the star of the blend. Rose is the queen of the love kingdom!
This gorgeous is infused with passionate garnet, loving quartz, rose buds, and everlasting flowers to help you attract true and lasting love. 😘💖🐰💐