Immortelle~Royal Radiance~Cleansing Duo


New!!! Meet our new Immortelle Royal radiance Cleansing Duo!!!

This is a combo of cleansing oil and a mask which can be used together as a luxurious and gentle exfoliating scrub (take a pinch of the powder and mix with the oil on your hand and gentle massage into face for 5 mins (leave on for 15 mins if you want your skin to feel like silk all day)  and then wipe away with a warm washcloth) or separately as a daily cleansing oil and then use the mask for deep pore purification, rejuvenation and brightening!

The cleansing oil is loaded with Neroli, frankincense, and Helichrysum and promotes cellular renewal and regeneration while elevating the spirit! Together they carry a beautiful gold frequency and the most beautiful aromatherapy.

The Immortelle Mask/exfoliating dust features a gorgeous blend of sacred white lotus, licorice root, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, Helichrysum and detoxifying clays that work together to promote cell regeneration, and firm and brighten skin.

Using these together will leave skin soft as silk and royally radiant!

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