Inner Child~Ritual Perfume Roller


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‘Inner Child’~Ritual Perfume Roller...
We all have a child within us that in our modern day society isn’t seen or valued. The child within longs to be seen, to feel the natural nourishment of the earth, and of relationships. The child within longs for and remembers simpler times of an active imagination, spontaneous joy, wonder, awe, creativity, lightheartedness and fun! These are the principles of childhood. Not all of us grew up in circumstances that allowed these natural traits to be expressed and experienced... but deep within there is a child who wishes to be seen and loved, who believes in magic, and sees wonder in the world everywhere they go. They are quick to laughter, games, jokes, laughter, playfulness... oh how we need this child spirit in the world today!!! And so many of us need to heal our relationship to our inner child in order to experience the magic of life again. It doesn’t always have to be serious and heavy. When we deprogram ourselves and slowly unravel ourselves from the webs and constraints of ‘adulthood’ (who decided what that would look like?), and return to our innocence, we can tap into our limitless potential and see the world as magical again! Laugh, love, PLAY!
This blend is sweet and soft. It contains chamomile and mandarin to soothe and comfort any wounds from childhood, sweet orange and Bergamot bring joy and positivity, magnolia blossoms give life to daydreams and whimsy, linden blossoms directly connect to the fairy kingdom and neroli helps to open the door to the world of spirit! A base of vanilla brings a simple sweetness to life! ✨💗✨