Jasmine Green Tea~Exquisite Hand Cream


Yup! Exquisite is the word that came to mind when I created this hand cream. From its silky feel, to its hypnotic aroma, it is absolutely exquisite! I have just acquired a deep green green tea wax! Smells exactly like green tea and is SO RICH in antioxidants and skin soothing properties. I mixed it with some luxurious base oils and butters, and of course jasmine seemed like the perfect aromatic match... but then I intuitively threw in some Helichrysum and Palmarosa for their skin repairing properties and their amazing tea-like aromas, and added some bright uplifting bergamot and litsea (smells like sweet lemongrass) and finally some frankincense frereana for its ability to soothe and strengthen both skin and spirit! The smell is out of this world! I was dancing with excitement when I made this! So so pleased with how it turned out! Yay!