Lavender Fields Forever~Bliss Mist


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New and Improved!~Lavender Fields Forever~BLISS mist! I’ve got Mother’s Day on my mind, and the flower potions are coming through!
This gorgeous mist contains This beautiful room/body/linen mist contains 4 kinds of lavender oils from around the world! I then added some patchouli and Vetiver as a nod to the earth.. as they both smell like the earth.. like a fresh field!!! And then I added a splash of rare and precious honeycomb absolute as an ode to all the precious pollinating bee friends, and a dash of rosemary because it compliments lavender so well and adds a lovely green and herbaceous note!
Lavender has so many amazing qualities. It is like the mother of all essential oils. It soothes, calms, nourishes and repairs skin, relaxes the mind, releases stress and tension.. and tension headaches... it's anti bacterial, anti-septic, and will take the itch out of anything! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Lavender Lovers... look out! 💜💜