Lilac, Violet Leaf, and Lavender

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True lilac essential oil... I finally found it! After YEARS of searching and learning that it is basically impossible to extract oil from lilacs, I found a supplier who has figured it out. The flowers themselves yield very little oil, and it is a complicated process that requires speciality methods of extraction. This makes for a rare and very pricey essential oil. But.. it’s WORTH it... cause LILACS! 

This version of the lilac perfume opens with a powerful fresh lavender note.. as it contains a variety of lavender oils from around the world. You will also enjoy a fresh GREEN note from the violet leaf absolute... once those intial notes slowly fade away, the lilac shines through. Beautifully fresh and sweet at the same time. This blend works powerfully with the third eye, heart, and crown chakras. It invokes the presence and the divine love of the angels bringing more love, presence, peace, joy and confidence to your life. The flowers are here to show us the way... and they all carry such potent vibrational medicine!