Lone Migration CD


Soooo Colin just found a box full of these CDs...  which is pretty amazing and cool and divinely meant to be, because the other day on Instagram  I shared with you my life journey, my travels, and my time up North... and sooooo many of you reached out and expressed gratitude for sharing and said you were moved by the message!

I wrote this album during that time period in my life! Many of the songs were written up North and on my travels! 

After all these years, I’m still so proud of this winter-y melancholy and hopeful album... I also designed all the artwork and I took the photos (except the ones of me) for the album art with an old film camera!!!

I love the photos with bits and pieces of the lyrics scattered throughout... the album art is such a beautiful memento...

This is a very slow and soulful album. Great for winter! I know CDs aren’t super cool anymore, but I personally love having a CD with the album artwork in tact. And I listen in the car or I upload them to our computer.

Enjoy and be blessed!💓