Magic Mineral~Magnesium Mist~ relieve, calm, and restore


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Mineral Magic~ Magnesium Mist! The Magic of Magnesium....

Magnesium is such a powerful ally that we all need in our daily life. It helps to reduce inflammation and aches, relieves restless legs, promotes detoxification, eases anxiety, calms the body, and encourages a good nights sleep.. just to name a few!

Our magnesium mist is formulated with the calming and heart opening essences of Sweetgrass, Lavender, and Chamomile... 💓 to enhance its magic with aromatherapy!

Did you know that the best way to get Magnesium into your body is through the skin?

Spray onto fleshy parts of the body... legs, upper thighs, and arms... and avoid any sensitive areas as if you are low in magnesium you feel a bit of a temporary tingle. This tingle will lessen the more you use the spray daily as your magnesium stores rise.

Some people like to rinse the magnesium spray off after 20-30 mins as it does leave a thin film on the skin. It can also be buffed off with a towel. I personally just use at night and sleep with it on🥰

Excited to offer this once again! So many of us are in desperate need of magnesium!