Manifest Ritual Oil


Use this precious blend of oils in your daily gratitude and meditation rituals.  A powerful blend of plant and crystal allies to help you attract what you need and magnetize positive and affirming relationships. This oil works with the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of your personal power. Tap into your personal power, find your confidence, playfulness, joy, and recognize your inner light! You are pure GOLD! Now let it FLOW....and SOW those powerful intentions!  



Honeysuckle Absolute - attracts friends, business and instills confidence.  Used for money, prosperity and clairvoyance. 

Neroli- (bitter orange) a magnetic oil used for attracting.

Patchouli - a herb of power and manifestation, for materializing one's wishes.  Its job is to make things happen, to bring results "down to earth" quickly and powerfully. Patchouli is associated with all the abundance and prosperity that the earth has to offer us.

Benzoin- when added to other herbs, helps focus their energies and lend power.  Used for communication and improving the thought processes.  Combined with cinnamon for business success. Spiritually, Benzoin is the holder of energies and fire of the sunlight. It is a joyous gift of the Universe. It comforts the soul allowing it to receive from the spirit. It helps guide the spirit to the protective inner sanctum of the soul. Benzoin tells us not to dismiss things that are difficult or confusing, but to be guided by them. Benzoin offers us guidance to the pathway of inner enlightenment.
Benzoin Essential Oil enables the spirit to receive blessings. It enables us to learn the joy in receiving as well as in giving, and of the interchange of spiritual energy that takes place. 

Cinnamon/Cassia - was traditionally thought to have a frequency that attracted wealth and abundance. Physically, it is a powerful purifier and it enhances the action and activity of other oils.

Clary Sage- a calming oil that aids in lifting depression, alleviating stress, and reducing insomnia. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Fills the spirit with love, beginning with self and extending outward. Awakens the angelic realm of the subconscious to bring peace, harmony, and contentment. Balances female hormones, stimulates the libido, and reduces anxiety, including paranoia, stress, and melancholy.

Pine-removes negative energy and increases opportunities.

Bergamot-protection and prosperity.  Brings luck through intuition. Brings psychic and prophetic dreams.