Mermaid Dream~Regenerating Night Cream


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NEW!Mermaid Dream~Regenerating Night Cream! with Blue Lotus, Blue Tansy, and Sea Fennel extract (botanical retinol alternative), and house made Seaweed, and Algae extracts.  Made for very dry skin.


Dive deep like a mermaid into the primordial waters of your divine dreams... while you repair and regenerate in your sleep!  We are all part of the Divine Dream and we co-create our reality every day and every night.


In nature, the Divine dream is one of love, Beauty, harmony and balance. Just being in nature brings these qualities out in each of us, because we are ARE nature and our hearts beat in time with cosmic heart that lives within all of of creation. Expanding and contracting in an infinite rhythm. Exuding pure potential and expressing infinite love and abundance.


The gorgeous night cream is infused with beautiful plant essences of blue lotus, blue Tansy, jasmine, frankincense, Roman chamomile, Hawaiian sandalwood, sea fennel, rose Otto, shizandra berry, Gingerlily, Helichrysum, labdanum, and lemon.


This sacred blend works as a potent skin rejuvenator, while simultaneously calming the nervous system, preparing your body for rest while opening the heartspace.


Made with our botanical retinol alternative called sea fennel extract ...which has been studied and PROVEN to give the same results as RETINOL but without the harmful side effects as retinol, as chemical retinol thins skin, can irritate and dry out skin, cause damage to internal organs, and damages skin over time. Retinol is also not safe during pregnancy. And can only be used on and off. Whereas sea fennel has no harmful side effects, can be used during pregnancy, is safe for sensitive skin, and provides the same results! What results are we talking about? Well pretty much everything! It stimulates cell turnover which prompts your skin to heal itself more quickly. This means brighter, more even skin tone, a reduction in fine lines, sun damage, shrinking pores, and is also very helpful in reducing acne and acne scarring. Basically, I think we all want our skin to look as healthy and naturally radiant as possible and this magical plant helps with all of it!


Ucuuba butter: rich in lauric, myristic, and palmitic acids, which are essential for healthy cell development, regulation of the immune system and maintenance of healthy skin and hair. Also high in vitamin C, which helps to heal wounds and protect the skin from damage caused by oxidation, vitamin A, which smoothes the skin by reducing fine lines, renewing cells, unclogging pores, boosting collagen, and evening out discolouration, and unsaturated fatty acids, which possess anti-septic and healing properties and are essential for maintaining skin hydration.


Marula Oil: Known as the 'elixir of youth' this beautiful golden oil fortifies the skin and protects it from environmental pollution and reverses damage caused by the elements.


Monoi de Tahiti: extracted from tiare blossoms in a bath of creamy coconut oil. A highly nutritive elixir for skin and spirit. Used for 2000 years by the Maohi people of Polynesia for various medical, cosmetic, and religious purposes. Penetrates the skin rapidly to hydrate dry, chapped skin and heal damage caused by burns, cuts, and scars. Its lush aroma is a well known aphrodisiac and its moisturizing qualities make for an excellent hair serum.

Pomegranate Oil: a deeply nourishing oil high in antioxidants, which help to fight free radical damage. Helps with skin cell regeneration, protects from sun damage, and promotes collagen and elastin production.


Moringa Oil: is a powerful anti-aging oil with a high content of antioxidants. It helps to heal acne, reduce blackheads and prevent breakouts. It revives tired skin and counteracts the effects of pollution and environmental damage. It is a great skin purifier, making it glow naturally.


Roman Chamomile: an elixir for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe, brighten, and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes.

Labdanum Essential Oil: has a beautiful honey-amber-beeswax aroma and is used to rejuvenate tired and aging skin, reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, and tighten loose muscles and skin.


Frankincense oil: tones and lifts skin, healing and protecting it from boils, wounds, acne, and scars. Promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells healthy. A tonic that benefits all bodily systems to boost overall health.


Additionally, these base oils are infused with dried herbs and flowers for several moons. These plant friends lend their harmonious properties to the skin: Irish moss seaweed plumps and hydrates skin,  Hibisicus renews skin cells, Gotu Kola promotes collagen production and cell renewal, and Horsetail strengthens skin.


A little goes a long way!


Full ingredient list:


Butters of Shea nilotica, kokum, and ucuuba. Oils of jojoba, kukui nut, pomegranate, kakadu plum, ximenia, marula, Tamanu, moringa, algae, Monoi de Tahiti, beeswax, vitamin E.


Extracts of Gotu Kola, Irish Moss, Chlorella, Sea Fennel, Chickweed


EO’s Blue Tansy, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, Jasmine, Gingerlily, Vetiver, Sea Fennel, Shizandra, Rose Otto, Helichrysum, Lemon, and Labdanum