Mermaid Magic - Summer Survival Body Serum


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Mermaid Magic~Summer Survival Body Serum is BACK!!! This multitasking body serum deeply nourishes skin and contains oils that help protect from UV damage. This would be awesome for those who want a tan but want to protect their skin while doing so. Or to use for light protection on the go. If you are headed to the beach and require sunscreen, we have our mineral sunscreens that you can layer over this. This serum also contains essential oils, herbs, and carrier oils that contain mild natural bug repellent for mosquitos, ticks and sand flies. It will also soothe sunburned skin, rash, and bug bites. It also helps reduce and heal stretch marks, improves micro circulation which helps to boost metabolism, and contains essential oils that promotes female hormonal balance. Smells beautifully floral with hints of Monoi de ya hit Geranium, patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood.💗 The rich blend of carriers oils~ Raspberry seed, kukui nut, sea buckthorn, avocado, coconut, Monoi de Tahiti, rice bran, and calendula promote radiant healthy and glowing skin!✨💗✨