Monoi Glow~ Bronzing Sunscreen and Body Butter


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New potion!!! Something I’ve been dreaming of for awhile now! A natural mineral zinc based sunscreen... with some BRONZING action... for those of us who desire some colour without the burn! This sunscreen protects you from the sun while imparting a natural glow! Oils of raspberry seed, carrot seed, and rice bran offer extra sun harmonizing and skin beautifying benefits, with their wide array of nutrients, beta carotene, and free radical reversing antioxidants. Carrot seed and Raspberry seed oils are know to have a natural spf of 30-40 on their own, but I add zinc for an extra measure of broad spectrum protection.
We also add our beloved tropical Monoi de Tahiti oil, which we import straight from Polynesia. There are many fakes out there, but this is the real certified deal! This rich tropical flower infused coconut oil has been used by the Polynesian people for ages... they use it nourish, hydrate, heal, and beautify skin and hair, to protect from sun, wind, and mosquitos. And they even use it in sacred ceremonies! It is the ultimate hot weather oil as coconut oil has cooling soothing properties, and the added tiare flower infusion bring extra healing/nourishing benefits, not to mention the intoxicating island blossom smell! And then I added some Sacred Sandalwood as it’s blends harmoniously with the Monoi oil, and also helps fend off bugs while deeply soothing the skin.
I will say, that when you first apply, the balm itself looks GREY!!! Lol. Yup, but trust me... as you massage it into your skin, it leaves only a beautiful tan colour... promise! I wouldn’t sell it if not!