Moonlight Magic~Diffuser Blend~ Promotes relaxation and sleep


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Our popular beautifying Moonlight Night Serum (for skin, hair, and nails) has been so loved over the years... especially for its enchanting and deeply relaxing aroma! And so I thought it would make sense to make a diffuser blend to match so you can have this soothing aroma fill your sacred space!


Lavender is calming and enhances intuition. Clary Sage brings clarity and promotes hormonal balance. Lavender brings peace and calm. Roman Chamomile brings joy and gentle nurturing. Frankincense fortifies and protects the spirit, while helping to strengthen the immune system. Cedarwood grounds, purifies and promotes gentle detoxification. Jasmine brings divine guidance and support from the angelic realms as it opens the heartspace. Spikenard has been used in sacred anointing rituals for centuries.. it connects us to the deep peace and wisdom of the heart of Mother Earth as well as the angelic realms. Vetiver keeps us rooted and promotes sleep. Patchouli and vanilla bring it all together.... it smells like heaven!