Mystic Mend-Hand and Foot Healing Salve


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Mystic Mend! A body butter that is also useful for repairing cracked skin on hands and feet!

It contains so many amazing raw butters and anti-inflammatory oils (andiroba, palmarosa, frankincense. .. all so great for arthritis relief!) packed into this luxurious potion! Naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and it smells so good! Super duper hydrating and so soothing to the emotions!

This cream features Palmarosa essential oil:

Palmarosa is a type of grass in the vetiver and Lemongrass family. The essential oil smells like rose that is mixed with Lemongrass.. (to me anyway ☺️)...

Palmarosa essential oil is an AMAZING skin care ingredient (especially for our crazy dry winters). It is know to heal and hydrate extremely dry and cracked skin, it regenerates skin cells and prevents/reduces wrinkles, fades age spots, it helps prevent breakouts, and it brightens and tones skin! Like I said, it’s amazing.

It is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal which makes it an excellent ingredient for foot and hand creams, as it combats athletes foot, helps with cracked heels and hands, and is actually pain relieving!

Which brings me to my next point... Palmarosa brings relief to arthritis in the hands and aches and pains in the feet! It also helps to stimulate digestion and helps the body assimilate nutrients when rubbed into the belly (I think a digestion digestion roller is in the works!)...

Emotionally, it is said to relieve nervousness, soothe anxiety, and help with depression... it is a very uplifting scent!

Spiritually, it encourages us to be gently and kind to ourselves, to release criticism and judgement... because when we can love ourselves fully, then we can love others to that extent as well. It helps us create a tender space, a garden, where LOVE can grow... 💖✨