Mystic Muse~Creativity Wand


Today, in my stories, I briefly mentioned how I believe much of my inspiration and ideas for potions come from a team of source energy, angels, fairies, spirit guides, elementals, and ancestors as well as my pure potential and my creative gifts. We all have a support team. I call them my Mystic muses! And so I made a roller to honour our Mystic muses... and to open the channel to our divine creativity! We just need to be ready to receive the inspiration will flow! Mystic music contains creativity enhancing oils Sandalwood, tangerine and spice oils of ginger and nutmeg. Ylang Ylang inspires passion and Patchouli helps us take action while also assisting in bringing abundance through our God given gifts!! Lavender and lemongrass vibrate with the angelic realm. Sweet orange and clementine assist in bolstering ones confidence and in finding ones true personal power! Vanilla is sweet and lovely and pulls this blend together! 💎✨