Radiant Love Cacao Elixir!~ Heart Opening~ womb support~ beauty bringing (name coming soon!)


Radiant Love~ Cacao Elixir 

If you’ve followed us on Instagram for awhile now you may have noticed that we love making and drinking superfood cacao elixirs! And so we wanted to bring our daily ritual out into the world!

Raw cacao should not be confused with the typical processed/roasted cocoa that fills that majority of the supermarkets.  As per usual, the processing of the cacao beans means they lose a lot of their beneficial properties. Raw cacao, like raw honey, still has all of its incredible benefits in tact! Yay! Raw cacao also has a more bitter dark chocolate taste (which I love) but it can be rounded out with the addition of a teaspoon of raw honey 😉

Raw cacao is considered an ancient superfood. It is loaded with antioxidants (hello beauty food!), magnesium (something we could all use more of) and iron (also something many of us need!). On top of all that, raw cacao is HEART OPENING and for this reason is often used in sacred ceremony. It invites the deep bliss that is inherent in our DNA... the bliss of who we are lives in our heartspace. Unlock it! Open the the door to your own heart and make yourself at home. Have you ever sat with your hot chocolate in ceremony? Now is your chance 😉😉😉

Our NEW cacao elixir is inspired by this month of love and has herbs and flowers and adaptogens that support the divine feminine, the womb space, and promote beauty, love, and sensuality...

Replace your daily coffee with a cup of this and watch our PMS symptoms lesson significantly, your daily stress levels come down, and find more balance in your body and harmony in your heartspace. ... also... pretty much every ingredient in here is a known aphrodisiac so... you can enjoy that as well🥰💞💘
Ingredients are as follows: Raw cacao blended with Shatavari root, maca, rose, damiana, he sho wu, cardamom, cinnamon, and Lucuma ✨🔥💓💞👌🏻


Shatavari Root~The nourishing properties of Shatavari are used traditionally to support a number of systems and functions in the body~ healthy female reproductive system/womb tonic for all walks of life, promotes female hormonal balance, soothes the digestive tract and supports respiratory tracts, boosts energy and strength, supports the immune system and is rich in antioxidants. Shatavari is also naturally anti microbial and this combats candida in the system. 


He Shou Wu~ a well known longevity tonic to promote healthy aging. The functionality of Ho-shou-wu in traditional chinese formulas is to nourish the blood, liver and kidneys. This helps to support the health and radiance of the skin, hair, and support overall energy levels. Not suitable for pregnancy. 


Damiana~ Is known as an ancient aphrodisiac for both men and women. In alternative medicine, damiana is also used for anxiety, asthma headaches, depression, and menstrual disorders. 

Rose~is the flower of the heart... it promotes love and beauty in all the ways! It has a cooling and soothing affect on the body. We add just a pinch of rose to this blend for its magical properties! Too much of it and you will be chewy on crushed flower petals.. which isn’t bad 😌


Maca Root~ has a malty taste and is scientifically proven to boost energy, improve mood, fight free radicals, promote hormonal balance, and is also a well know aphrodisiac💓


 Lucuma~ deemed ‘Gold of the Incas’ is a Peruvian super fruit! It has a caramel/brown sugar taste and is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, fiber, potassium, and iron. It is also rich in beta carotene which supports healthy looking glowing skin! 


 Cardamom~ improves digestion, has anti inflammatory properties, and is high in antioxidants that help fight free radical damage. It also helps to flush out toxins, reduces bad breath,... and boosts metabolism which promotes weight loss! It is also useful for easing menstrual cramps😌


Cinnamon~ was once considered more valuable than gold! It is also rich in antioxidants, has anti microbial properties, helps fight candida in the body and is anti inflammatory 😘


Directions for use: mix 1 tablespoon of powder with 1 cup hot liquid ( I use 50% water 50% oat milk), and sweeten with honey or maple syrup to taste. 

The best way is to throw everything together in a blender. I also throw in 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil as the fat in the oil gives a nice foamy froth at the top! You can also use a couple squares of dark chocolate (my favourite way!)  or a small amount of ghee for this effect as it’s the fat that makes the foam! This makes it a superfood creamy latte! Yum!!! Another option for the froth is to throw in a few cashews instead of the coconut oil! Just some elixir hacks we’ve discovered over the years! 😘 

Superfoods can be quite costly... and if you’d like to extend the usages of this precious powder you could always use 1 teaspoon of Radiant Heart and 1 tablespoon of plain cacao powder instead! It would be like a booster superfood shot to your regular hot chocolate! 

Other ways to incorporate the Radiant Love powder would be to sprinkle it on yogurt, add to smoothies, baking, bliss balls, whatever! 


pacaked in a 6 oz glass jar 💗