Nordic Dreams~ Shower Spray Spray


Nordic Dreams~Shower Spa Spray✨✨✨ 🧖🏻‍♀️
This blend has been inspired by Nordic Spa culture, as well as the magic of the North!!!
Refreshing eucalyptus is blended with soothing lavender, joy bringing orange, zesty bergamot and just a hint of cleansing lemongrass! SMELLS LIKE THE SPA!💫

This is a 100% essential oil spray meant to utilize the stream in the shower to create a spa like experience! Let your shower water heat up to a steam... spray 2-3 sprays into the steam before stepping in... the bottle is glass so it’s a good idea to keep the bottle out of the shower and do the spray right before stepping in. Your bathroom will still smell like a spa after your shower! It’s amazing!