North Star~Hydrating Body Butter~ Peppermint and Pine


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A brand new body butter that smells as fresh as a winter forest and brings the clarity and calm of knowing your own North Star.. your inner guidance system, the light inside that leads and guides you throughout your life. 

Pine stimulates the pineal gland and opens intuition. And I believe the tallest evergreen trees have an intimate relationship with the bright stars of a Winters night.. Rosemary brings clarity and strength! It brings light to the spirit! Lavender also helps to calm and open intuitive knowing. Peppermint enlivens the spirit..: a breath of fresh air! Opens airways and increases prana/life force to circulate throughout the body. Juniper gently detoxifies the body and clears the spirit of negativity. Assisting in letting go of whatever isn’t serving. 

These essential oils are in a base of luxurious Shea butter and antioxidant rich camellia seed (green tea plant) and golden jojoba oils to deeply nourish and hydrate skin. 

This comes in our largest size of body butter. 100ml frosted glass jar.