Precious Petal~Ritual Perfume


We all have gifts. They come from the essence of who we are. They can be talents or they can be simply the presence of who you are uniquely and wholly (holy). You are love. I am love. We are love expressing itself in a multitude of ways. The various flowers on the planet know this secret to life. They know their unique essence, beauty, and fragrance is a GIFT to humanity by simply being. They exist off of light and water, but the bloom out of the experience of love. These precious petals colour our existence with grace and inspire us to bloom and grow into our own innate beauty.
Precious Petal Perfume vibes with the high heart! It contains the rich essences of carefully sourced exotic frangipani, jasmine, and Ylang... sacred pink lotus and purifying white rose, with notes of lemon blossom, lavender, Neroli and vanilla 🤗💗 Deep, rich, exotic, floral, tropical.