Radiant Heart~ Aphrodisiac Love Butter~ Rose, jasmine, cocao, vanilla, and spices


Radiant Heart~ Aphrodisiac Love Butter is here!!! This is a cross between a body butter and a sensual perfume! It melts when it touches your skin, while it deeply hydrates... leaving a euphoric scent in its wake!

Radiant Love features a heart opening, libido enhancing, blend of precious essential oils and absolutes including~ rose damask, rose de Mai, jasmine sambac, cocao, vanilla, linaloe wood, copaiba Balsam, Peru Balsam, cinnamon leaf and cardamom in a luscious base of cocao butter blended with beeswax and oils of jojoba, camellia, and rice bran. The scent light lingers on softened skin..inviting sacred sensuality and radiant heart euphoria.

This precious aromatic body butter was made while listening to heart chakra healing frequencies (swipe to listen) ... and has been topped with rosebuds... taking your sensory pleasure even further... this has touch, smell, sight, and sound all in one! You could taste it if you want but I don’t really recommend eating essential oils. A little taste wouldn’t hurt tho 🙃💓..

EnJoY Lovers!!!!