Rose Patchouli~Heart Opening~ Perfume Roller


Rose Patchouli~Ritual Perfume Oil is here! Brand new and ready for you! This is aromatherapy at its finest!

I’m trying to figure out why I never made this happen before! This is the most divine combination and promotes deep self love and effortless abundance through the embodiment of the love that you are!

Rose holds the highest vibration of all the essential oils! Rose vibrate at 320 Mhz while the human vibrates at an average of 63MHz! Talk about raising the vibe🥰🌹✨☺️

I added a touch of grapefruit to honour the angelic realm and a touch of Vetiver to honour the earth.

Patchouli resonate with the sacral chakra and brings out our innate sensual pleasure.

Rose is ALL heart~ the bridge between heaven and earth… the gateway to anchor heaven into earth.