Rose Quartz Gua Sha (Chinese skin scraping tool)


Limited supply! I have a feeling they will go quick just like the rollers! There are many tutorials out there on how to use it... I’ll post some videos in my stories soon as well... but here are the benefits:

By scraping the skin with the soothing and high vibe essence of Rose Quartz, you move the lymph and eliminate toxins which in turn, reduces bloating and puffiness in the face, detoxifies the skin which helps prevent acne and breakouts. You also want to ‘scrape’ the skin hard enough to produce ‘sha’ which appears as temporary redness (but not hard enough to produce bruising.. I go hard and I’ve never produced a bruise) ... this promotes circulation and boosts collagen production and cell renewal which gives you a fresh and healthy glow! If you have sun damage and age spots, regular scraping helps break up these stubborn spots and evenly redistributes melanin. Regular scraping also helps prevent premature aging overall. It’s all about draining toxins, moving lymph, and boosting circulation! Beauty and health is so tied in with the quality of our blood and circulation. I’ve been super interested in Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs lately, and for women’s health and well being it is really ALL ABOUT THE BLOOD as we are the lifegivers or we are shedding blood every moon cycle. How beautiful! Ok... I’m getting off topic... some people scrape with jade, some with horn, some with the back of the spoon! But Rose Quartz was my first choice because of its soothing and beautifying abilities, but mostly because it promotes love in all forms... especially self love and compassion... because it all begins with how we see, love and honour ourselves... and those vibes ripple out into the world through every encounter, thought, deed, word, and relationship.... so let’s bring more love into our lives now! (Without or without Rose Quartz) ☺️
One more thing, face scraping must be done with a Facial Oil... you can use your current facial oil or oil based serum, but I made a SPECIAL Rose Quartz infused serum (called ‘You Are Love’) just for this ritual! With oils that tone, firm, detox, and promote self love!