Sacred Balance~ Massage/Body Oil~ Balance, harmony, stress relief and more!


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NEW! Sacred Balance~ Stress relief Massage and Body Oil... for strength, energetic protection, and inner harmony...
Featuring pine, frankincense and FRAGONIA and yarrow essential oils. This potion features Fragonia essential oil which is also known as MAGIC oil!
Fragonia essential oil is an immensely balancing oil to mind, body and spirit. As an oil it is known as the ‘golden ratio’ oil as it has a unique composition of almost equal proportions of oxides, monoterpene alcohols, and monoterpene hydrocarbons which creates a perfect balancing blend all on its own.
Fragonia can increase emotional resilience, inner peace, and a calm state of mind, while soothing grief and unrest.
It is also helpful for relieving the feeling of being “stuck in a rut’’ as the the gentle aroma helps unlock trapped emotions and encourages release and flow.

Physical benefits of Fragonia oil include:
* Inflammation & pain relief + inflammatory muscular conditions
* Respiratory Conditions + Colds + Bronchitis + Sinusitis + Catarrh
* Bacterial infections
* Menstrual pain relief
* Hormone balancing
* Fungal infections :: Candida albicans
* Immune support
* Sleep + stress release & relaxation
* Jet lag reduction
According to Robbi Zeck ND, & Aromatic Kinesiologist, “Fragonia carries a unique energy pattern bringing the gift of the power of love. In each of us love is already in place. Perhaps you can simply, let love, love you.” 💓💓💓

The base of this oil is fractioned coconut oil. It is lightweight and non staining and perfect for massage!

Oils of pine, yarrow, and sacred green hojari frankincense really strengthen and support the action of Fragonia. These sacred oils also clear the energetic field and protect from negative energy...creating sacred space within and around your sacred body temple and honouring it as such.