Sacred Cycles~Moon Phase Ritual Perfume Set

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Life is a never ending cycle, a circle, spiraling with love to the infinite light. Always growing, but all growth knows the sacred cycle of seed, growth, bloom, decay, rebirth... and this is the growth we can honour in our lives from the micro to the macro.  Even a single inhale and exhale honour this cycle.  Our days and nights carry the energy and flow of the cycles, as do our seasons, the moon cycles, our menstrual cycles, our creative project cycles, our sexual cycles, and our life cycles. There is a season for everything. 

Becasue these rollers were ‘birthed’ in Winter, I will start with the New Moon Roller that also symbolizess the inner and outer season of Winter and the divine feminine archetype of the crone or wise woman. 

New Moon/Wise Woman/Winter/North:encourages and suppprts: Rest, Renewal, and Dreaming. 

Deep and Earthy, New Moon is created using essential oils that come from sacred ROOTS of spikenard, vetiver, and ginger. The roots encourage us to rest and surrender and allow our own sacred roots, the wisdom of our deep soul, to do its work. It’s work is simply allowing. We allow by resting and trusting that our souls purpose is being carried out in perfect timing. We remember who we truly are. That we are infinite and we come from the stars. We return to the source of our being. Essences of Cedarwood, and juniper leaf purify the spirit and help remove toxins from the body. Cypress encourages us to let go of whatever is not serving and holds us when we are mourning. Lavender and Frankincense enhance dreaming, as we begin to seed our manifestations for the next cycle. Allow yourself to drift into daydreams. Pay attention to your night time dreams, and remember that you ARE the divine Dream in form. What is your deep soul self calling forth? Cardamom seed oil holds the energy of creative potential and Patchouli helps us remember the allow the sweet embrace of Mother Earth.


Waxing Moon/Maiden/Inner Child/Spring/East: Supports: Growth, Vitality, Playfulness, Potential, and Clarity.

Sweet and Playful, Waxing Moon pulses with the energy of both an inner and outer Spring, promoting a feeling of lightness, vitality and joy! Lavender and Clary Sage bring clarity both mentally and spiritually and also promote fertility and support hormonal balance. Cape chamomile brings a sweetness to the blend and brings us home to our inner child, where anything is possible, and when experiencing the world with eyes of wonder was the norm. Citrus oils motivate and energize and carry the life giving energy of the Sun. Blue tansy stimulates the throat chakra, and helps us to get up, and be seen in the world in our most authentic expression of self. Rare essential oils are elderflower and linden blossom, connect us with the playful magic of faerie realm and remind of all the spring blossoms bursting from our hearts and the heart of Mother Earth. Vetiver keeps us grounded as we burst forth from the earth and push our potential out into world.. we remember that this deep push comes from the stirrings of our  deep roots/soul.


Full Moon/Mother/Lifegiver/Summer/South- Supports: Love, Nurturing Energy, Sex, Ovulation,  Balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies, Illumination, Fruition, Full Bloom, Union, Being Fully Seen, Wounds of the heart Surfacing to be healed, Motherly Love.

Full Moon is a blend that is bursting with the Sacred Feminine, Full Blooms of Summer. This is a time to let your light shine. To bask in your manifestations of ‘Spring’.  Rose is the flower of the heart. Rose helps to heal trauma and heartache and reveals your sacred heart. She encourages you to Bloom towards the light. Ylang Ylang promotes sacred Romance and passion, and around the time of the full moon is an excellent time to create life, whether it’s a baby or a creative project,.. it’s a wonderful time to come into Bloom, and bring life into this world in whatever form you feel led. Let yourself be guided by love. We are the Lifegivers. We were created and so we create! Lavender is deeply connected with Mother Earth energy. Lavender is the mother of the essential oil kingdom. She is nurturing and soothing. She also helps to connect us to our intuition. Both rose and lavender are angelic fragrances.  Chamomile carries the light of both child and mother. The nurturer and the nurtured. Let yourself feel both as you embrace her sweet scent. The full moon is a time to shine the light in all our dark places, and old wounds may surface to be healed. Chamomile gently supports this process. Frangipani reminds us of the sacredness of all life and is a flower of the Divine Feminine. Sweet Orange reminds us of the joy and Sweetness of life. It attracts prosperity and encourages self esteem. Frankincense and Sandalwood bring in grounding Divine Masculine energies. As we need a union of the inner masculine and feminine to create life! Both Sandalwood and Frankincense connect us with our eternal spark of life. They connect us to the light within.


Waning Moon/Enchantress/Wild Woman/Autumn/West-Supports: maturation, personal power, wisdom, reflection, sacred sensuality, deepening intuition, introspection, turning in, completion, pleasure, refinement, ripening.

Spicy, grounding, sensual, and powerful, this blend brings forth the inner Enchantress. Here we glean the wisdom of the child, maiden, and mother, and we come into our full power. We acknowledge the sacredness of pleasure and power that is in our ability to receive pleasure. We give thanks, reflect, we refine, we recalibrate. We get more beautiful with age (think of Autumns colours!). Our creative power deepens as we draw more inspiration from our inner worlds, intuition, and our spiritual connection. Frankincense and Myrrh resins awaken the ancient wisdom stored within our DNA. They connect us to Divine Source Energy/God. Cinnamon and Cardamom warm the skin and stoke the creative fire. Jasmine connects us to the sweetness of summer, yet she blooms at night beneath the moon. She opens us to the vast mystery and sensuality of our deepest selves. Orange oil instills confidence and Patchouli honours abundance in all her forms. 

These roller perfumes were crafted from carefully chosen botanical essences sourced from around the world. Use these rollers intuitively as you navigate the various cycles in your life. Call upon the maiden, the mother, the Enchantress, and the wise woman as needed. Enjoy and embrace the power and the grace of the Divine Feminine and you will touch the heart of everyone you encounter.💗