Sacred Feminine~Roller Kit

$165.00 $175.00

Sacred Feminine~Roller Set! This set contains rollers for the hormones, heart, womb space, and body that honour all aspects of the sacred Feminine, bringing attention and power to the creative womb space, the healing heart space, and enhances the natural intuition and spiritual wisdom that is encoded within every woman. Women are the lifegivers, the visionholders, the keepers of the cycles, the great mysteries of life and death... they hold the key to divine creativity, unconditional love, and compassion. Our bodies are sacred and FULL of wisdom. These 3 rollers honour and support the journey home to falling in love with and reclaiming our bodies as our own. They honour and uphold our journey as we move through our moon cycles, our daily cycles, and our life cycles... these rollers connect to and bring out the infinite power and beauty that dwells within.✨🙏🏻💗