Sacred Garden-Womb Wand ✨✨✨Ritual Roller

$65.00 $75.00

The most beautiful roller that is full of the finest ingredients... rose, Jasmine, neroli, Geranium, clary sage, vitex, bergamot, patchouli, ylang, with flowers and herbs and garnet and Rose Quartz crystals that promote WOMB healing, hormone balancing, SHAME shedding, libido enhancing, fertility promoting, HEART opening, RECLAIMING of your body, your passion, your sovereignty, your beautiful SWEET SPIRIT! ✨✨✨ Roll onto womb space, lower back, heart space, inner thighs, back of the neck for therapeutic purposes as well as to set intentions... roll onto pulse points to wear as a GORGEOUS goddess-esque perfume. The time is now!