Sacred Heart~Ritual Bathing Beauty Powder~ (Woodrose and vanilla)


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Sacred Heart
Bathing Beauty Powder
{Rose, Coco milk, and honey}

For Detoxification, boosting circulation, brightening, hydrating and soothing skin, relaxation, sore muscles and tension release with imparting essential minerals like magnesium into the body via skin!

Coconut milk powder
Honey powder
Rose petal powder
Rosehip extract
Himalayan sea salt
Dead Sea salt
Epsom salt
Colloidal oats
Frankincense powder
Zeolite detoxifying Clay

Essential oils of rosewood, Palmarosa, ho wood, patchouli, grapefruit, frankincense, vanilla, ginger

Also makes an AMAZING foot soak! Soak feet, scrub them with pumice, and then apply our Mystic Mend hand and foot balm, and cover feet with wool or cotton socks! Perfection!