Sacred Perfume Balm Kit~ (Love the World Fundraiser)

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Happy Full Moon! We are starting our ‘Love the World’ fundraiser today! This means we are creating majorly discounted kits that you can buy for yourself or gift to friends and family! 50% of the profit will be donated to charity!!!
We want to send as much love out into the world as we can as February can truly be a tough month for many! Yes, we know Valentines is coming and we have some special love potions coming your way soon! But we also want to make the focus on loving our communities, loving Mother Earth, and yes... encouraging you all to LOVE and cherish yourself! Consider these kits, our valentines for the world!The plants are our allies and our friends and they help us return to these simple yet transformational truths! Please help us spread the love!
First up is this Sacred Perfume Balm Kit for $100... valued at $185! With two brand new perfume balms! Something for everyone! Don’t give flowers this Valentines...give plant potions! .

limited quantities!!!