Sacred Sweetgrass~Artisan Distilled~Aura Cleansing Mist


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Sacred Sweetgrass~Artisan Distilled Hydrosol (meaning we distill this ourselves using a gorgeous copper still!)~Aura Cleansing Mist!
It’s finally here! The most sacred spray made from the ‘hair of mother earth’! Sweetgrass is a gentle purifier of sacred space and spirit. She is wise, compassionate and kind. She evokes a feeling of ‘coming home’ to oneself... and smells of fresh rain and golden meadows. Spray the air, your hair, and the aura that surrounds you. This is my favourite plant in the entire kingdom and it does not produce an essential oil. Making a Hydrosol or burning the dried grass is the only way to truly enjoy the smell and the sweet and sacred essence. This is a most precious gift from Mother Earth! Use with reverence and gratitude, always. 🙏🏻

55 ml