Sacred Woods~ Deodorant Cream~Detoxifying and Grounding


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This just in! A more masculine deodorant (that smells soooooooooo amazing.. I would totally wear this!)... that features Texas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Myrrh with faint notes of grapefruit, litsea, Yuzu, white pine, frankincense, mountain spruce, and musk.
Many of you were requesting a deodorant for the men in your life because, let’s face it...have you looked at the ingredients of leading men’s deodorants? Would anyone want those toxins slathered into their pits? I thought our armpits were designed to let go of toxins via sweat... not be inundated with them daily via conventional deo.
My sister in law told my brother to research the ingredients in his axe body wash and he was so upset with what he discovered 🙈... not good!

I went through that about 15 years ago... And ever since I was always on the hunt for natural products... and yet I discovered that even the ones that say ‘natural’ weren’t natural enough for me #greenwashing. I am verrrry picky and particular and keep these potions as close to the earth as possible. No fillers. All whole ingredients. No toxins. Just plants and clays and organic unrefined cold pressed oils. I apply the same guidelines to the food I eat. Close to the earth. Staying away from processed.
We’ve lost connection with our Mother Earth who is here to sustain us, nurture us, and she asks nothing in return... she gives and gives and gives the most healing foods, herbs, and magical medicines and yet many overlook how precious and powerful she is. We need her because we ARE her. She wants to heal us... mind, body and’s time to get back to the garden.. 


Always massage deodorant into freshly washed and dried underarms. Cover the entire underarm... you may even want to go beyond the borders of the armpit to be sure.. as these Deo’s PREVENT odor from happening rather than just masking the odor that is occurring. The massage (that naturally happens while rubbing it in) is so good for the lymphatic system (so many lymph nodes in our armpits) and will help to move lymph and drain toxins as well. 🥰