Savasana-Deodorant Cream~Balancing and Grounding


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To me, autumn makes me crave ‘Savasana’ everything... there’s just something about the cozy aroma of Cedarwood blended with Vetiver, vanilla, clary sage, and bergamot (and more) that I find both comforting and grounding during this season of change and upheaval. And so, I’ve been making quite a few different potions with the Savasana essential oil blend, including this new deodorant!
In order for this deodorant to work the best, you need to apply it to freshly washed and dried underarms. You simply massage it into your skin like you would your face cream. And that’s it! It works all day long to prevent odor causing bacteria and there is no need to re-apply...💗.💗 annnnnd the massaging action is SO GOOD for moving lymph and draining toxins in the armpit area!!!