Savasana~ Sleeping Beauty Balm (Night Cream)

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SAVASANA~ Sleeping Beauty Balm (intensive night cream) has arrived! For skin like silk and a serene spirit✨. With Natural Retinol!!!
The scent of our Savasana Roller has been one of our most loved blends since day one.... and did you know that the essential oils in that blend are also amazing for rejuvenating the skin? ( but don’t start rolling the roller on your face... it’s too concentration for that! Stick to pulse points and neck!)
Frankincense and Myrrh are two of the best oils for promoting cell renewal, reducing the appearance of scars, and for firming and tightening skin. I use the essential oil of both, and I also make an in house oil infusions with the resins to extract even MORE benefits than the essential oils offer!
Lavender has been known to soothe both spirit and skin. Clary sage helps to balance skin as well as hormones. Vetiver promotes cell regeneration, fights acne, while deeply relaxing the nervous system. One of the BEST oils for promoting sleep. Bergamot and Sweet orange bright light and love to your being, while offering clarifying and brightening properties to the mix! Vanilla is like a warm comforting hug that ties the blend together.
The epic essential oil blend is just the beginning of this amazing restorative balm!
Rare Wild plum nectar deeply nourishes and restores the most parched skin! It restores elasticity for healthy glowing skin! Camellia seed (green tea) oil is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radical damage that come from environmental pollutants and leaves skin feeling like silk! Sustainable sourced pracaxi oil comes from the rainforest and is one of the best oils for brightening dark spots and fading acne scars. Perilla seed oil calms inflammation and restores skin to its natural radiance. Passionfruit oil promotes cellular regeneration and helps bring calm and peace. Shea nilotica is a unique type of Shea butter that comes from Eastern Africa... and accounts for only 1% of the worlds Shea butter. It is uniquely more hydrating and regenerating, yet more easily absorbed by the skin without any feelings of heaviness or grease. It is a precious gift that I’m so happy to have found after years of research!

And I’m happy to now have a night cream with our beloved Bakuchiol ~ aka natural retinol 

There has been an amazing breakthrough discovery in the natural beauty world this year... It’s called Bakuchiol extract and it’s derived from the Babchi Seed plant, and it’s been studied and PROVEN to give the same results as RETINOL but without the harmful side effects as retinol, as chemical retinol thins skin, can irritate and dry out skin, cause damage to internal organs, and damages skin over time. Retinol is also not safe during pregnancy. And can only be used on and off. Whereas Bakuchiol has no harmful side effects, can be used during pregnancy, is safe for sensitive skin, and provides the same results! What results are we talking about? Well pretty much everything! It stimulates cell turnover which prompts your skin to heal itself more quickly. This means brighter, more even skin tone, a reduction in fine lines, sun damage, shrinking pores, and is also very helpful in reducing acne and acne scarring. Basically, I think we all want our skin to look as healthy and naturally radiant as possible and this magical plant helps with all of it!

It took me months of research to find the exact Bakuchiol extract that I was looking for. It’s rare and hard to find and extremely pricey. But finally I found it! So excited!

The thing that makes Bakuchiol so effective is it’s rich Vitamin A content. This prompts the skin to naturally shed to reveal brighter, healthier skin