Selenite~Candle~ tealight Holder~ purification, divine wisdom, and serenity


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SELENITE candle holders are being uploaded to the online store right now along with 2 different styles of Rose Quartz candle holders as well! Swipe to see these beauties in action! Wow... my heart is so moved by the beauty of the crystal earth and sacred flame! Sweet divine alchemy!

Selenite brings calm and harmony to your space. It is known for its ability to clear energy fields around humans, objects and purifies the energy in a room. It helps to dissolve energy blockages, negative attachments and unhealthy cords. It also assists in bringing expansion to the crown receive and access divine guidance and ancient wisdom. It’s all within us! This is a wonderful stone for keeping your space energetically clean and your relationship in alignment with the purity of the heart. May we all meet ourselves there.. in the in the ocean of the heart... in the clear and serene waters of love... πŸ™πŸ»