Singing Cedar~ Magic Mist~ Purify and Protect


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New✨’Singing Cedar’ Magic Mist!🙌🏻
We have a new potion for you!!! I’ve been wanting to make this since we were out Singing and praying in the Cedar grove and the Cedars started to sing WITH us! Or... did we start to sing with them?😉😉😉

I’ve also been visiting my Anastasia Ringing Cedar books again... and feel inspired to share this powerful medicine that purifies and protects your body, mind and spirit!

This spray contains 4 varieties of cedar extracted from both leaf and wood and that come from around the world. I’ve been collecting cedar oils and each one is soooo unique and special! These oils sit in a base of sacred Sweetgrass hydrosol and a touch of sweet VERNAL grass absolute has been added to enhance the blend.

Shake well before misting... use on clothes, in hair, on linens or as a room spray. Would be beautiful in a sauna as well! Avoid contact with skin as this is a strong concentration of the oils. Use as an aura cleansing mist or as a warm and spicy sacred perfume!

Cedar also repels pests and deters moths ... even ticks! (But our tick roller is the best for that as it is a cocktail of tick repelljng oils!)

Mmmm from my heart to yours!


50 ml