Sol/Soul Shine~ Happiness and Harmony Elixir


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Sol/Soul Shine~ Happiness and Harmony Elixir…with goldenrod, lemon balm, chamomile, and linden blossom.

Goldenrod resonates with the solar plexus.. bringing expansion to our inner sun fire.. which brings feelings of peace and calm and a feeling of being in our own personal power.

Energetically, Goldenrod is useful for those who struggle with being heavily influenced by groupthink or family ties. It promotes a sense a radiant individuality... and a knowing that being authentically true to YOU is the potent medicine the world needs now.

Lemon Balm is called ‘the elixir of life’ (just like the rays of the sun) and is used to ‘sweeten the spirit.’ This is one of the best herbs to support heartache and depression. It is so delightful and delicious and is naturally a powerful anti-viral! This is lemon balm from our garden!

Chamomile is known for its calming abilities. It helps ease stress, tension and anxiety. It supports digestion and is naturally anti inflammatory. This is chamomile from our garden 🥰

Linden blossom is soooo magical! It’s like the tree of the fairies and the blossoms are sweet … and filled with delicious nectar. It helps the body relax. It can also help relieve headaches/migraines, nausea, fevers, colds, fever and the flu! It is a magical herb that brings more love and inner harmony. These blossoms were graciously picked from our linden tree and carry the vibration of one thousand beautiful bees! The petals ring with their love song. ✨

This is the sweetness of life itself… all bottled up for you! ✨✨✨