Solar Power-Digestion Roller (solar plexus)

$55.00 $65.00

Solar Power- a jumbo roller for digestion, but also for so much more! Basically anything that involves your solar plexus. This includes: boosting energy and enhancing your ‘inner fire’, helping with self confidence and nervous energy, increases will and personal power, and assists in integrating and digesting life experiences and transmuting them for the growth of soul. The solar plexus is the bridge between the watery emotional and creative realms of the sacral chakra and the unconditional loving realms of the heart. In between, lives our desire to unite the two, to show up in the world fully, to live our light, to be SEEN, and to ACCEPT others as we see them. This is is our inner light, our JOY, our playfulness, our sacred flame. Remember that with all rollers, they must be used with a specific intention or prayer and they will help attune you to your highest expression... your true divine self!