Solstice Glow~Ritual/Aromatherapy/Perfume Balm✨


This elevating and energizing ritual balm carries the powerful and lifegiving energies of the sun and coaxes out your own divine light! Rosemary and lavender dance with  uplifting juicy citrus fruits of blood orange, pink grapefruit, bergamot and a dash of lime! Spicy patchouli and ginger oils are wonderful for manifestation work and attracting natural abundance and prosperity! Clary sage brings peace, balance and CLARITY as it stimulates the third eye/pineal gland. A touch of exotic Ylang Ylang, rose, and jasmine blossoms bring JOY and sensuality with its sweet and spicy aroma! Precious honeycomb absolute gives a warm base of honey amber and honours our lifegiving bee friends. Topped with citrine crystals... the crystals of the sun! And I’ll admit, once I put on the lid the crystals kind of got smushed into the balm and ‘ruined’ the visual presentation... you’ll see what I mean✨...also this balm is the same size as our illuminating balms and leaves the skin gold with some subtle sparkle!

A potion that celebrates life, brings out vitality and life force..  encourages the JOY of BEING... enhances creativity.. playfulness... and light!