Solstice ~Shimmering Hair Perfume


Solstice Hair Perfume is back for the holiday season with a few upgrades! Frankincense and Myrrh for their warm resinous scent and spiritual gifts of light and reverence. Juniper berry and juniper leaf for deep energetic cleansing, tobacco blossom for its sweet kiss of all that is sacred.. to mark this special time of year. Benzoin resin smells like vanilla and spices and gives strength to the spirit and creates a feeling of reverence within the soul. Balsam and Siberian fir refreshes and uplifts and smells like the fresh winter forest! Cinnamon brings warmth and cozy feelings and also calls in abundance during the cold dark winter months. Peppermint enlivens the spirit and is an ode to the crisp Winter air outside our doors! Rosemary is an oil of the light, of the sun! And it represents the return of the sun/light on the Solstice! Rosemary is also energizing and gives strength. It also cleanses the air of pathogens. It’s so powerful and its herbaceous aroma smells like the holiday season! I also added some Vetiver for Smokey-ness... as the woodstoves are burning and the smell of smoke is really elevating... yet Vetiver also helps to ground during the holiday frenzy!!! A beautiful way to honour this time of year. Oh! And I added White mica for some snow like shimmer... it’s subtle and beautiful!