Star Song~Hydrating Galaxy Balm

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Star Song Hydrating GalaxyBalm~for hands and body. This gorgeous new concoction features snowy white shimmery mica and blue Tansy essential oil to create a magical ‘galaxy’ in each jar! I also include essential oils of the tall evergreen trees of winter as I believe they share an intimate relationship with the stars and the night sky. They know each other well💎🙏🏻. A pinch of peppermint and rosemary for added freshness and strength and zest for this dark time of year. Rosemary is extremely fortifying to the spirit. It energizes without overwhelming and it resonates with the energies of Winter Solstice. I also added Frankincense and Myrrh for the sacred gifts this ancient combo lends to the blend... as they help to repair skin and welcome the wisdom of the deep, ancient, wise soul. We know these resins. They are in our bones. They have been used in sacred ceremonies for eons. They were the gifts offered to baby Jesus...Considered more precious than gold.. and they connect us to this special time of remembering the light in the darkness. And finally, benzoin... this thick resin that is so comforting and repairing to BOTH skin and spirit. Smells like a blend of incense and vanilla.
Works beautifully as a hand cream, an annointing balm for arms and chest, a subtle highlighter for Face, a stress relief balm, and whatever else you need it for! These essential oils all help to decongest and open the heart space as well! It’s gentle and subtle, but it’s there..🙃☺️
This makes a wonderful Xmas gift. 😘