Starflower Sanctuary~ Diffuser Blend


At the end of the day... if you are looking for peace and calm, why not turn your home into a starflower sanctuary and connect with the divine realms within? 

 Celestial flowers of lavender, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, chamomile, and jasmine bring calm to the spirit and vibrate with the angelic realms calling them in. True natural scent in nature has this way of connecting the seen and unseen worlds... welcoming in benevolent love.

Subtle notes of Frankincense and Myrrh were the sacred offerings of the wise men... as they use to be considered more valuable than gold. Both help elevate conscious awareness and essential connect to the North Star ...that guiding light within. Both Frankincense and Myrrh have calming affects on the mind, body and spirit... and I think this is part of their magic... when we come into that state of relaxation and surrender, we naturally allow guidance and wisdom from our higher self to come through. When we drop distractions, fears, and limiting beliefs, we enter the abyss of pure loving awareness. Oneness with all that is.

There is just a hint of Vetiver in this blend to help one stay connected to earth as they traverse the starry worlds within😉

Pine, Cedarwood and ho wood oils connect earth to sky.. bringing strength and protection to our spirits and carry our songs, prayers and tears to the heavens. 

Just a touch of spearmint brings a fresh soothing cooling note to the blend. It helps to keep us refreshed and inspired when feeling weary and worn down. 

May this blend bring comfort... and may it help it you remember the strength and wisdom of your infinite self.