Sun Dust~Shimmering Dry Shampoo/Volumizing Hair Powder


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Luxurious Herbal Natural Dry Shampoo!!! That multitasks! Dust and massage into roots and brush out for super volumized clean looking hair! Adds texture and volume and when you finally end up washing it out, it gets activated by the water and acts as a scalp treatment thanks to the herbal extracts of he shou wu, burdock root, Nettle, pearl, and sea buckthorn! Mix a teaspoon of powder with water to make an epic face mask... or use a body powder for a bit of shimmer and glow! (Yes, this powder has just a tiny bit of mica, which adds shimmer and dimension to hair!
There are two dry shampoos to choose from. Earth Magic is for dark hair and has essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, clary sage, violet leaf, and lavender. These oils promote hair growth and keep the scalp healthy. Search for the listing for Sun Dust... a dry shampoo for for light hair.. which can also be used as a Shimmering body powder, clay face mask, and foot powder! It has a blend of joyous citrus oils blended with jasmine and Palmarosa... Palmarosa and citrus oils majorly repel ticks.. so that’s an extra bonus! Keep them off your scalp!

So excellent for camping trips, cabin trips, road trips, lazy mornings... and you can even add a bit of powder to clean roots for added volume! Massage in, and brush out😘