Sunbeam Beauty~ Regenerating Face Cream~ with Sun protection!


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So basically it’s like Mermaid Beauty Face Cream and Sunbeam Face Cream had a love Child. I only wanted to carry ONE option of Face Cream with the sun protection during the Winter months, so I took the best elements from both and combined them into this amazing new hybrid! Yay! It’s great for all skin types! 


This Regenerating~face cream contains natural sun protection via zinc oxide, raspberry seed oil, and carrot seed oil! Also includes beautifying oils of watermelon seed, hibiscus, raspberry seed, guava, maqui berry, pomegrante, and jojoba and essential oils of jasmine, lavender, lemongrass, frankincense, chamomile, patchouli, copaiba, and cedarwood. It smells euphoric!



This gorgeous Oil has been pressed from Watermelon seeds without heat which preserves all the nutrients. It gently detoxes skin, balances oil production, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, as it is packed with sterols and phenols, which also alleviate acne & dermatitis


Raspberry seed is such a special oil as it contains a natural spf of 40... I don’t like to rely on JUST oils for sun care... this is why I always add zinc oxide to my sun care which literally BLOCKS out damaging UV rays, but raspberry seed oil boosts the protection that is already there. It’s a booster!

We know that polyphenols in red wine, are antioxidants, but did you know that polyphenols in Red Raspberry Oil prevent skin pigmentation, and firm collagen, keeping it plump and youthful, when applied to the skin?

Red Raspberry Seed Oil has an exceptionally high spectrum of Vitamin E tocopherols - alpha, gamma alpha and rare y-tocopherol, .... the amazing  compounds heal scar tissue, and repair skin, and boost elasticity.

Red Raspberry Oil is very high in and omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-9, totaling 83% EFA's, which helps heal rashes, eczema and other skin lesions, while providing an exceptional emollient barrier.

Red Raspberry Oil, being so rich in alpha linolenic acid, suggests anti-inflammatory properties, thus making it an effective oil in the treatment of psoriasis, deep acne, sensitive skins, and dermatitis of un-diagnosed origin.

Ellagic acid is found highest in Raspberry Seed Oil, which plays a protective role in preventing skin damage, such as DNA mutations, and pigmentation.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil neutralizes free radicals in the skin, (which are the cause of wrinkles and skin blemishes.)

Phenolic compounds, like those in Red Raspberry Oil, are among the most studied natural antioxidant compounds, as they are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging, but can also permeate through the dermis, reaching the deepest levels of the skins matrix.



Guava Seed Oil contains Vitamins A, E, K, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, niacin, and carotenoids... these nutrients prevent premature aging, by maintaining skin elasticity!

It is extremely rich in vitamin c and also contains unusual minerals such as copper, manganese and magnesium. These all help to slow down the damage/aging process, and make skin beautifully soft and supple.

Glycosides in Guava Oil, promote collagen production in the skin. (Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin firm and plump.)


Hibiscus Oil, rich in fatty acids, improves the level of skin moisture, decreases fine lines, improves elasticity, and helps skin to regenerate. 

Jojoba oil: a powerful anti-inflammatory that works to calm irritations and regulate sebum production.

Pomegranate Oil: a deeply nourishing oil high in antioxidants, which help to fight free radical damage. Helps with skin cell regeneration, protects from sun damage, and promotes collagen and elastin production.

Carrot Tissue oil: an ancient, powerful healer, rich in carotenoids, antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E. Nourishes and tones, boosts circulation, promotes detoxification, builds collagen, reduces fine lines, fades age spots and scarring, and repairs damaged skin cells. Has a natural SPF of 40.

Zinc Oxide: lowers skin inflammation associated with rashes, allergies or irritation. It provides broad-spectrum sun protection that prevents sunburn. It improves wound healing and prevents and treats acne breakouts as well as soothes and treats inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea. It reduces hyper-pigmentation and improves the synthesis of collagen which helps prevent premature aging.

Bergamot: naturally anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-acne, and anti-inflammatory. With an uplifting, crisp citrus scent! An angelic fragrance with sweet floral and citrus notes that bring peace and joy to the soul. Lightens the shadows of the mind, bringing joy and laughter to the heart. Alleviates depression and boosts libido. Powerful for manifestation.

Lavender Essential Oil: one of the best oils for skincare. Soothing and healing for all skin types with wonderful, regenerating qualities. Calms the emotions and relaxes the mind.

Jasmine: an angelic fragrance associated with the feminine, the moon, and prophetic dreaming. Protects the bearer in the transition through challenging emotions, providing a calming anchor of reprieve. Assists in compassion, love, and intention. Attracts both spiritual and physical love.